Texas Has Arrived - Version 4.0.0

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Jan 25, 2016
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Texas Has Arrived - Version 4.0.0

New Character: Texas
Texas the Bull joins the roster as our newest DLC character!

Playing him requires the purchase of the Season 1 Pass or his separate Character Pack. Owners of the Deluxe Edition automatically unlock Texas without any extra steps!

Even if you don't own the DLC, you can still fight against him in online play or in Arcade Mode (but he doesn't always show up).

Texas DLC.jpg

Season 1 Pass Roadmap_Texas.jpg


macOS Version
  • The macOS version is now fully updated and working. It had been non-playable since the console release (we are deeply sorry about that).
  • However, due to upgrades we had to make to our build process for consoles, the minimum required version of macOS is now Monterey. Earlier versions will no longer be able to run the game.

  • Character Select has a new look!
  • Fixed the credits hintstripe using the Forward glyph instead of the Page Left glyph.

  • Fixed Pom's magic section header not being localized in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Fixed Pom's magic section saying Puppies (A) for all three sections.
  • Fixed the demo in Arizona's Magic Dash tutorial being broken (it was never updated after the removal of the slowdown).
  • Removed the line about using Arizona's level 1 super to punish (since it references it being 3 frames and it is no longer 3 frames.)
  • Fixed a number of areas where placeholder text was being shown instead of number values.
  • Fixed missing down arrow glyph in the dialogue for Velvet's Instant Snowball tutorial.
  • Fixed the missing B in Bulkhead during the freeplay segment of Shanty's command normals tutorial.

Combo Trials
  • Level 3 supers now show up properly during combo trials.

Pixel Lobby
  • "White 'Stache" is now a face item (but it still makes Velvet bald).
  • Fixed some broken character glyphs in player usernames.
  • Fixed the controls hint on the main HUD showing the Select button instead of the Player List button.

Classic Lobby
  • Fixed Classic Lobbies set to Invite Only not actually being Invite Only. They are now private again.
  • Fixed being unable to resolve matches if 4+ players were readied up.
  • Fixed the Classic Lobby browser showing the Menu 2 button prompt for Create Lobby, but taking the Medium attack button instead.

Story Mode
  • Fixed some item "equips" for NPCs not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a few minor tileset errors in The Highlands and Reine City.

  • Armored attacks now cause slightly less additional hitstop across the board.
  • Fixed the minimal HUD not showing the meter lockout from Cross Canter.
  • It is now no longer possible to hold Start on the Rematch screen during online play.

  • Arizona will now consistently face her opponent on the first frame of her level 1 super when canceling out of a special.
  • Fixed an instance where Arizona would deal 0 damage with her level 1 super when striking Shanty during Wallcling.
  • Fixed 5A > 3 > 3B giving you 6B instead of a 2B.

  • Fixed an instance where Velvet would deal 0 damage with her level 1 super when striking Shanty during Wallcling.
  • Changed Velvet’s crouching hitstun to be consistent with the rest of the cast.
  • Added a preemptive fix to Velvet's j.C that resets her opponent's wallbounce slot before hitting in the air, to prevent velocity-related bugs from occurring.

  • Fred 2D now only hits airborne opponents, instead of just having a high hitbox. (This was done to ensure that Texas did not get hit by Fred 2D while standing. The actual hitbox has not changed.)
  • Fixed 5B > 3 > 3C giving you a 6C instead of a 3C, and 5A > 3 > 3B giving you as 6B instead of a 2B, for some reason.
  • Fixed an issue where using Oleander's level 3 super could cause subsequent wallbounces she gets put into to send her bouncing back way farther than she should.

  • Fixed improper color of gifts while using the "MofuMofu" palette.
  • Fixed the HUD disappearing during the install phase of Paprika's level 3 super, on Switch specifically.
  • Fixed instances where gifts would disappear during level 3 super grab attempts.
  • Fixed being able to make level 3 super grab attempts while Paprika’s own health bar was empty!!
  • Fixed instances where Paprika was able to gain meter post-KO.
  • Paprika's level 1 super now connects properly with characters who are performing moves that destroy projectiles. Examples: Shanty during Parley, Oleander during her level 1 super, Pom during Bark!
  • Fixed Paprika being locked out of activating her level 1 super during Pom’s level 3 super counter phase.

  • Tianhuo will now consistently face her opponent on the first frame of her level 1 super when canceling out of a special.

  • Fixed an instance of Wallcling breakage if used on the same frame Shanty's opponent detaches from a wallsplat/wallbounce.
  • Fixed an instance of Shanty's Wallcling creating a wall for far longer than her time on said wall.
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