Patch Notes - Version 5.1.0

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Patch Notes - Version 5.1.0

Greetings! It has been awhile since our last update, but here is our long-awaited update addressing a number of bugs with Stronghoof, a few balance adjustments, fixes to command lists, and a new gameplay mechanic: Armor Break!

Pixel Lobby
  • The French translation for shop dialogue is now properly implemented.

  • Fixed a few small typos throughout the tutorials for various languages.

Command Lists
Note: Please be aware that the following refers to corrections in command lists and is not a list of changes to characters themselves! Those can be found in the "Gameplay" section.

All Languages
  • Added icons for the new "Armor Break" mechanic.
  • Repositioned Ice Slick so it is not visually associated with Vetr Action (Stronghoof).
Non-English Languages
  • Fixed numerous instances of inconsistent font styling.
  • Fixed incorrect styling on asterisks (Tianhuo).
  • Fixed incorrect Magic/Super costs of various moves (Texas).
  • Fixed incorrect amount of Super refill for Avast (Shanty).
  • Fixed missing “(Button = type of attack)” description on Cutlass (Shanty).
  • Fixed missing "Grab" icons next to level 3 supers (Pom and Velvet).
  • Fixed missing "Counter" description on Pom's level 3 super.
  • Fixed missing "Only hits air" description on Tianhuo's level 3 super.
  • Fixed missing "Embrace" move (Paprika).
Spanish (EU)
  • Fixed "Enhances combat capabilities" being in the wrong language (Tianhuo).
Brazilian Portuguese
  • Retranslated "Projectile Invulnerable", "Strike Invulnerable" and "Eat" (All).
  • Fixed numerous instances of words in the wrong language (Stronghoof).
  • Fixed "During Slide" being in the wrong language (Velvet).
  • Fixed a typo in "Volcanic Bash" (Tianhuo).
  • Retranslated "Cartwheel" (Paprika).
  • Updated "Projectile Invulnerable" to the new translation (Pom).
  • Fixed "Uses up to 3 Magic" being in the wrong language (Oleander).
  • Fixed Oleander's command list being in the wrong language (Japanese instead of Korean).

New Mechanic: Armor Break
Armor Break is a new property attached to specific moves that gives them the ability to break armor. This provides each fighter with additional, unique options to break armor alongside the universal armor break tools: supers, grabs, and multi-hit attacks.

The following moves now have the Armor Break property (this is also noted on the ingame command lists):
  • Arizona: Headbuck C
  • Velvet: Shatter B
  • Oleander: First hit of 6C, Teleport D
  • Paprika: Gift toss (everything but Cinnamon Roll)
  • Tianhuo: Grounded Volcanic Bash
  • Pom: Follower Digger Attack, Pilot Pup Dive
  • Shanty: Parley
  • Stronghoof: Ice Crusher

Developer Notes
Armored moves are strong, especially Texas' Rodeo Run, so we're giving players an option for their characters to use in neutral to deal with these mechanics, which should improve counterplay. We're adding Armor Break to one or two moves on each character except Texas, who has grab options already. We selected moves that are slow and need to be used deliberately, but also ones that are usable immediately (they don't require any kind of resource).

  • Fixed an inconsistency with same-frame inputs for charge moves.
  • Fixed some instances where the blue flash graphic conveying when it is possible to tech would be misaligned with the actual tech window.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-guard moves were able to Instant Block (applies to Arizona, Stronghoof, and the Boss Bear).

  • Fixed an issue with Magic Headbuck where Arizona could be sent sliding backwards if hit with Stronghoof's Arsenal A at a specific time.
  • Fixed an issue with input leniency on Magic Dash. Missing one of the directional inputs will no longer cause players to fail execution of the move.
  • Fixed an issue where Elbow Drop could be canceled out of Launcher with very specific timing.

  • Increased the number of invulnerability frames on Magic Ice Eruption by 1 (from 18 to 19). This change will prevent Velvet from trading up close with the first hit without making the move too much more powerful.
  • Added 2 frames (from 2 to 4) of active hitboxes to Ice Eruptions, to give Velvet a better chance of catching an opponent who's trying to dodge them.
  • Increased the chip damage on all of Velvet's projectiles and her level 1 and 2 supers, by various amounts.
    • Icicle Missiles have been increased the most, as they're the core of Velvet's zoning. Chip damage from A has increased by 79%, B has increased by 88%, and C has increased by 64%.
    • Everything else (eruptions, shatters, snowballs, level 1 super, level 2 super) has either been brought up a little, or a LOT.
    • Developer Notes: We compared the damage on chip to the damage on first-hits and determined that chip damage on Vevelt's projectiles was not worthwhile or threatening enough. This change should help Velvet players put more pressure on opponents who can't close the distance.
  • Icicle Missiles now properly self-destruct before hitpause.
    • Developer Notes: For basically forever, Velvet's icicles would wait until hitpause was over before self-destructing. This would cause issues with zoning patterns, where the icicle wasn't "there", but still could not be resummoned as a new icicle due to the original one not self-destructing properly. This has been changed.
  • Fixed Velvet not gaining Magic during the cutscene of her level 3 super, as Tianhuo's does.
  • Fixed an issue where Instant Snowballs caused opponents to be able to tech sooner than expected based on how close they were to the projectile.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow Texas to slip out of Frostbite despite being hit by Ice Cyclone.

  • Fixed an issue where level 3 Magic Shadow Spark could cause audio to cut off or become distorted, then crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where inputting a 6A or 5B and then 3C (before the first attack connects) would produce a 6C instead of a 3C.

  • Fixed an issue where Stronghoof's ice shards would cause Paprika to slide forward if hit during Smother. Now, being hit by an ice shard stops her in place.

  • Fixed an instance where it was possible to jump while summoning a dog.
  • Fixed various situations that could cause dog attacks to be canceled immediately.


  • Adjusted the advantage frame data on Shanty's stance cancels.
    • Developer Notes: Shanty's pressure hinges on a lot of frame traps, and the lack of plus frames on her stance cancels (despite them using her magic) really limits her ability to actually take control of situations as she should be able to.

      Every normal on immediate stance cancel now has 4 more frames on it. That means at the low end that -4 moves (Like 5A) on cancel are now 0, and things like 2C on cancel are going from +2 to +6.

      In addition, stance startup and recovery are now treated closer to Light normals during pushback and pushblock situations, and that pushback negation is also stronger during Level 2 install on top of it.
  • Fixed Shanty not gaining Magic during the cutscene of her level 3 super, as Tianhuo's does.
  • Fixed an instance where if Shanty runs out of magic after using Wallcling A and is forced into Helm, using Breaker immediately afterwards causes the move to include the hit effect of the previously used Wallcling A attack (wallbounce, groundbounce, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where walls would start functioning incorrectly after Shanty hit with her level 3 super while Texas' Pummel Pillar was active.
  • Fixed an issue where Cannonball would not properly empty the opponent's JD after breaking the armor from other supers.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to use a special immediately after landing from Breaker would sometimes produce a normal instead.


  • Fixed an issue where Texas could be forced to attack out of Rodeo Run if hit immediately after starting.
  • Fixed an issue where Prairie Pummel would sometimes have inconsistent advantage frames, and sometimes fail to cause a hard knockdown, when used on Stronghoof. (This fix was applied to the entire cast in version 4.1.0, but missed Stronghoof before his release).
  • Fixed an issue where Overhead Cowbell (Followup) would whiff on opponents at certain ranges.
  • Fixed an issue where Texas would gain altitude (for quite some time) after whiffing an Air Cowbell immediately after throw teching.


  • Winter Wind now adds JD, like Velvet's.
  • Fixed an issue where Arsenal specials would be unusable until the next round if they were early canceled into a super.
  • Fixed various instances where Arsenal's normal attack and Vetr followup attack could happen at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where if Arsenal A's wallbounce was interrupted, the velocity value it would have caused replaces the velocity value of the next wallbounce, regardless of the move that caused it.
  • Fixed an instance where Arsenal B would create ice shards where there was no ice.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the axe in Arsenal B to be invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghoof could not be command grabbed while standing on the shield from Arsenal C.
  • Fixed an issue causing an inability to continue a combo after hitting Stronghoof out of Arsenal C.
  • Fixed an issue where doing Winter Wind (Down) to a grounded opponent would cause the next hit to immediately max the JD bar.
  • Fixed Ice Crusher causing an extended knockdown period (no matter what actually knocked the opponent down) if it was used in a combo.
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghoof could block during Ice Slick immediately after performing an Ice Crusher.
  • Fixed an issue where Hoofstrong Hoist would give varied frame advantage based on the opponent's character. It is now consistent across the cast.
  • Fixed Stronghoof being able to chain 2B > 5B > 2B. That's not allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghoof could use Vetr commands while he was teching or using Cross Canter.
  • Fixed Stronghoof's Cross Canter not maintaining strike invulnerability into active frames.
  • Fixed an issue where Velvet's level 3 super didn't despawn ice shards after a successful hit.
  • Fixed an issue where ice shards could cause Hail Storm to desync, making it possible to block mid-super.
  • Fixed various instances that would cause Vetr to become unusable for longer than expected if hit out of Hail Storm's startup.
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghoof would gain the ability to use Vetr Lariat during superfreeze after using Hail Storm once during a round.
  • Fixed an issue where every Ice Slick used after an Ice Fjord would act as if it were the small version when shattered.
  • Fixed misaligned art assets during the cutscene of Stronghoof's level 3 if performed from the P2 side.
  • Fixed throws making Stronghoof flash the color of whatever effect state he was last in.
  • Fixed missing hit sound effect from ice shards.


  • Fixed the Snake's spit attack still maintaining active projectiles (that were invisible) even when being hit out of the move.
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