Story Mode Velvet Wrecks My Face

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I realize I'm a hopeless scrub, but I thought I would ask around here just in case there's something I'm missing!

I've been enjoying story mode for a while now. It's been a touch of a challenge, but I've been enjoying that, and trying my best to improve.

Then I got to Velvet.

She absolutely shuts me down at every turn. I can't even get close to her. She dodges my ropes, snipes me out of the air, overhead crushes me the instant I block low, and sweeps me if I block high. Like, instantly, it feels like. It doesn't even feel like a read, it just feels like I get destroyed.

I've tried over and over and often I can't even touch her. Once or twice I manage to actually win the first round, but I have a sliver of health left, and then I have to fight her while at a handicap with regard to my health AND the winds knocking me around.

I've gone into the options and reduced the difficulty to the lowest setting, but it doesn't seem to impact her AI at all. In fact, after setting it to the lowest setting, I'll get crushed by Velvet, return to the menu, and suddenly it's set back up where it was before I modified the difficulty.

Is there any way for a pathetic loser like me to carry forward in story mode? Or am I just wasting my time?


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
You choose the difficulty before you start story mode. The difficulty setting in the options doesn't change it. The only way to change story mode difficulty is to go to chapter select, but then you have to start the chapter over. (But you can get pretty quickly to the Velvet fight, so it's not that bad.)


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Jul 7, 2016
The team have also just put out a patch that makes the lower difficulties more manageable, such as getting healing between boss phases.


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Mar 15, 2019
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I thought you were lowering the difficulty. Shouldn't you be on Beginner? Also, the health refills between phases are absolutely there in the Beginner and Intermediate difficulty (I just checked), and as the new descriptions on each of them say, the ones on Intermediate are smaller heals compared to the ones on Beginner. Again, as someone else said, you can change the difficulty by selecting the section on chapter select.
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Snivian Moon

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Turns out I had to reset my story file - My previous file was on Intermediate, and I thought I'd try it before resetting if the health refills were a new thing. Using the old save post-patch didn't give the health refills. However, starting a new file did!