Story Mode - Arizona - Chapter 1 Dialogue Skip Visual Error


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May 10, 2020
• Location of Bug: Story Mode, Chapter 1

• Description: When starting up the first chapter, if you pause and skip the dialogue quickly during the title card (before the screen fades in to the Prairie), when the playable portion begins the screen will have a dark filter persisting from the skipped introduction.

• Screenshot:
Bug Report - Filter - Cause.png

The cause of the bug - skipping here will result in the error.

Bug Report - Filter - Effect.png

The bug in effect.

Bug Report - Filter - Comparison.png

A comparison image without the filter.

• Steps to reproduce:
1) Start Story Mode Chapter 1.
2) When the title card appears, quickly pause and select 'Skip Dialogue'.
3) If successful, the playable portion will have the dark filter.

• Reproduction rate: 100%

Only a minor bug, but best it gets reported anyways. I believe it effects all overworld segments, making caves harder to navigate. Battle scenes are unaffected, fortunately.

Can only be removed by:
A. Returning to the main menu and loading Story Mode again.
B. Completing the chapter.

Thank you Devs for all of your hard work!