So what's the flame-y deali-mabob above some pixel lobby avatars?

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I didn't know quite which forum to ask this on, but this seemed like a safe place to start:

Some players in the pixel lobby have a little flame-looking thing above their heads (maybe it's Oleander's book, some have suggested to me?). When I first started playing even in the beta, I saw it and thought it was a marker to let me know which character was mine apart from everyone else. But then people started asking me what it was, meaning they could see it too, and didn't have it themselves. And then I saw it on select other players occasionally too.

It doesn't seem to be a cosmetic item that you can equip, either. Anyone have any idea what it is?

(For the record, I don't want to remove it - I think it's pretty cool and I like it. Just curious if it means something.)
Flamey Thingy.PNG
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