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Potentially Problematic Paprika... command grab and JD issue.


Certified Paprika Main™
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Location of Bug: In fights

Description: If Paprika lands her 623X on an opponent at >190 JD, it cuts to 190 JD. If she lands it on an opponent at <190 JD, it goes to 0. But if she lands it at EXACTLY 190, either through sheer dumb luck or through doing two Kisses! in a row (because JD sits at the number for a moment before decreasing), it won't decrease at all, still sitting at 190 JD.

Steps to reproduce: Two ways.
One: Enter training and combo your opponent to >190 JD, then hit them with 623X. Before JD has a chance to decrease because it sits for a moment, do it again, and again, and again... and watch as it sits at 190 JD. Now give JD a moment to decrease, and then do it again to see it instantly cut to 0.

Two: Enter training, set JD to >190, do a command grab, and see it go down to 190. Set it to 190, do a command grab, and watch as it doesn't cut, then set it to 189, do the command grab, and see it go straight to 0.

Reproduction rate: 100%