Pixel Lobby Server Hosting/Setup Guide

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Feb 2, 2016
Ontario, Canada
Pixel Lobby Server Hosting/Setup Guide

Supported Operating Systems
Windows & Linux
(Not Mac, sorry!)

Note that with the 3.0 update to TFH, we have moved our server hosting to EOS from Steam. This allows a lot more freedom, but has caused a bit of a change to the way things are set up. We've done work to make it as similar as possible, and as unnoticeable as we can get it!

Step 1: Port Forwarding
(May not be needed, your mileage may vary!)

Most of the time you will need to set up port forwarding on your local network in order for people to be allowed to join your server. There are many port forwarding guides out there depending on your type of router. Here's a general guide: How to Set Up Port Forwarding on a Router. There's also this: How To Forward a Port. We also encourage you to look up a guide specially for your model.

Do not use DMZ Host unless you really understand it. The standard "Forwarding" or "Port Forwarding" options for your router should work just fine.

The port you must forward for a Pixel Lobby server is 40000 by default (TCP and UDP).
If you run into issues with the server not being visible, please also try these port ranges: 27000-27050 and 8768-8891.

Step 2: Install Server Files

1. Create a folder to house the TFH server files. You can name it whatever you want!

2. Download and install SteamCMD.

3. Launch SteamCMD, and run the following commands:

force_install_dir "the full path to the folder you set up earlier. btw you also need these quotes."
login anonymous
app_update 643090 validate
4. The server files will now download. When it's done, enter this command:

5. Open serverV3.cfg in a text editor of your choice, configure the settings as desired, then save/close.
This includes setting both your internal_ip_address and your external_ip_address in the file as well.

!!!!!Depending on your setup, both of those may need to be listed as what your external IP address actually is.!!!!!

Make sure you are logged into Steam. If on Windows, double-click "LobbyServer.bat". If on Linux, run "LobbyServer.sh". After a few seconds, your server should be up!

(If you want to UPDATE your server, repeat steps 3 to 5).

NOTE: If you wish to host multiple servers on one machine, open your serverV3.cfg and edit this line from

use_open_id = false
use_open_id = true
And then save your serverV3.cfg file.

WARNING: As soon as you start your server up, it will be available to the public! If you wish to have a private server, please see below!

Optional: Server Passcode

You may set a passcode for you server in the serverV3.cfg file. Passcodes are formatted as directional inputs (Up, Down, Left, or Right) and are entered by players as they attempt to join your server from the browser list.

It accepts both letter notation (udlr) and numpad notation (8246). No diagonals. Passcodes may be anywhere from 1-8 inputs long.



It is possible to set a temporary passcode ingame from within the server by using a chat command:

/passcode udlr

To temporarily clear your server's passcode (allowing public entry), type nothing else after the command, like this:


Temporary passcodes and clears do not persist if the server is restarted. At launch, the server defaults to whatever is in the server.cfg file.

Admins and mods of your server (set in \config\mods.cfg) automatically bypass server passcode. They will still receive a passcode prompt ingame, but any input will allow them to successfully connect.

Mane6 staff members are always able to join any operating Pixel Lobby server, regardless if it has a passcode set, and even if the server is at maximum player capacity.

When setting mods in the file mods.cfg, you will need to use the user's EOS ID. You can get this from your server's join_logs.txt file in the root directory.

Server Announcements
Mods of Pixel Lobby servers can use the /announce command in the chat to push short server-wide announcements that show up at the top of the screen for all players on the overworld, in the Salt Mines, even in fights. They look like this:

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