Patch Notes - Version 2.0.5

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Jan 25, 2016
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Patch Notes - Version 2.0.5

This small update fixes some important non-combat bugs and adds Anniversary Celebration accessories for the Pixel Lobby. Replay files from 2.0.4 should be fully compatible. Privately-hosted servers will need an update.

Anniversary Celebration
It's been one whole year since TFH released from Early Access into 1.0. To help celebrate, we've added party accessories to the Pixel Lobby!

These items were originally intended for the crowdfund referral contest and were limited to those who earned a certain amount of referrals, but we've decided to expand the availability of them so we can all party together.

  • The Classic Party Hat and Balloons have been added to all players' inventories as common items. Additional styles of Party Hat are available for purchase at Cap 'n Cash's.
  • The Tiny Toot (a face-slot item) automatically unlocks for backers who earned the Backer Flair Kit perk (tiers $55+).
Toot sound effects have a short cooldown to avoid spam, and they can be disabled altogether in the Pixel Lobby Sound & Voice menu.

The Super Toots are still going to be ultra-exclusive items going to the top three winners of the referral contest, but they are not available yet. We're still working on a system to distribute unique items that go to individuals or very small groups of players.

Notice: If you contributed $55+ to the crowdfund and you don't have the Backer Flair Kit DLC on Steam, or you have another question related to this update, please email and we'll help get you sorted.

Pixel Lobby
  • Mane6 staff can now push short, text-based, server-wide notification messages in Pixel Lobbies. They also show up in fights. We intend to use these for maintenance-related messages only, such as when a server is going down for an update. We do plan to extend this capability to private server mods in the future.
  • The "Attack" button is now called "Action/Attack" to better describe what it's for (since we added Toots).
  • Fixed the shop inventory stocking different items on Windows vs Linux servers.
  • Fixed an issue in The Grove where entering the area with the Salt Mines entrance then leaving it causes the ambiance to cut out completely.

Classic Lobby
  • Fixed an issue causing spectators to drop unexpectedly out of matches. (Mostly affected Classic Lobbies, probably also Pixel Lobbies.)
  • Fixed a crash when accepting a Classic Lobby invite from the match end screen.

  • The replay browser no longer sees files inside subfolders within the replays directory (they would crash the game every time they were loaded). We do want to add proper subfolder support at some point!
  • Fixed replays not being able to frame-reverse in certain circumstances.
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