Patch Notes - Version 1.1.0 (05/29/20)

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Patch Notes - Version 1.1.0 (05/29/20)

GGPO Netcode Improvements

You may have heard the buzz about the recent update to the GGPO netcode in Skullgirls. After much internal testing and a highly successful (albeit brief) beta period, we're including that same tech (with some modifications to suit the particulars of our game, of course) into this mainline update for TFH. The best netcode just got even better.

In summary, this netcode upgrade creates a smoother, more consistent experience by greatly lessening the chance of frame and input drops online. We've also made several improvements to online sound effects which should prevent missing sounds during network hiccups and make sound doubleups far less frequent.

Frame delay recommendations and ping indicators (those green/red bars) have been made more generous to better reflect the impact the improvements have made.

Shoutouts to Hidden Variable Studios and Lab Zero for spearheading this update for the Z-Engine!

Story Mode
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the advanced frame info display to show in fights if enabled in training mode options.
  • Fixed training mode settings taking effect on the Velvet boss fight.
  • Fixed training mode settings affecting the platforming trials.
  • Fixed Temple bridge encounter leaving players stuck inside the trigger zone if they choose to walk away.
  • Fixed a bug with the gift box in the first room of the Reine Museum where the "open" sprite would disappear if players left the room and came back.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Snake Boss's tail whip attacks to not play sounds.
  • Fixed misspellings of "Y'all".

Pixel Lobby
  • Sound & Voice options have been separated into their own menu.
  • Added option to disable fight cloud screenshake.
  • Added option to block incoming fight requests.
  • There is now a small delay before you can receive an incoming fight request from the same player after you decline (to prevent spamming).
  • Readded a missing lobby accessory (whoops).

  • Many options on the main menu and in the Pixel Lobby have revised names and hintstripes for better clarity.
  • Added unique sounds for Velvet's Shatter A and Shatter C
  • Added dialogue to Oleander's pushblock.
  • Pom's command list now displays the proper set of directional inputs for Float (added up-forward and up-back).
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