Paprika's Crouch Art/Animation


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
This hasn't been mentioned anywhere else that I could find, so here 'goes:

I was just catching up on the Early Access Patch Streams, and in #12, someone asked about whether any character aside from Tian would receive crouch animations. The devs responded with a "maaaaybe down the line" given there's time/resources for that kind of polish after the 1.0 priorities are finished. I was reminded of this concept art that Lauren Faust did and was shown off at the initial Indiegogo:


I've always loved it, and my initial assumption back when I first saw it was that this was for a crouch animation. If the opportunity/will to add more fancy crouches ever arises, I thought this idea was very cute and potentially relatively easy to animate, and thus perhaps worth mentioning.

(Also, thanks for your hard work in general, ManeSix!)