Netcode Update Beta is Live!


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Netcode Update (Beta)

You may have heard the buzz about the recent update to the GGPO netcode in Skullgirls. We've now reached the point where it's ready to be tested for TFH, and everyone's welcome to participate.

This update creates a smoother, more consistent experience by greatly lessening the chance of frame and input drops online. We've also made several improvements to online sound effects which should prevent missing sounds during network hiccups, and make sound doubleups far less frequent.

Note that frame delay recommendations and ping indicators (those green/red bars) have been made more generous, thanks to this update.

Shoutouts to Hidden Variable Studios and Lab Zero for spearheading these improvements!

How to Get the Beta

Though TFH uses the same engine as Skullgirls, it is a different game, so the process of integrating these improvements has not exactly been a copy/paste job. That's why we need your help to test it!

To access the netcode improvement beta: follow these instructions:
  1. In your Steam Library, right-click Them's Fightin' Herds and choose Properties.
  2. Go to the "Betas" tab at the top.
  3. In the "opt into" dropdown menu, choose "ggpotest". (If you don't see it, restart Steam).
  4. Wait for the game to update, then launch TFH.
  5. Join a Pixel Lobby server labeled "GGPO Beta" and play matches!

Please note that you will not be able to play with people on the "live" version of the game when you're on the "ggpotest" beta.

The best place to share your thoughts about this update is in our Discord server: Use the #feebdack channel to tell us about your experience!

1.1.0 Patch Notes (Preview)

The following is a list of changes to other areas of the game that are currently available in the "ggpotest" beta branch but are not yet on "live". When the netcode stuff is ready to go to "live", these changes will go with it!

Story Mode
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the advanced frame info display to show in fights if enabled in training mode options.
  • Fixed training mode settings taking effect on the Velvet boss fight.
  • Fixed training mode settings affecting the platforming trials.
  • Fixed Temple bridge encounter leaving players stuck inside the trigger zone if they choose to walk away.
  • Fixed a bug with the gift box in the first room of the Reine Museum where the "open" sprite would disappear if players left the room and came back.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Snake Boss's tail whip attacks to not play sounds.
  • Fixed misspellings of "Y'all".

Pixel Lobby
  • Sound & Voice options have been separated into their own menu.
  • Added option to disable fight cloud screenshake.
  • Added option to block incoming fight requests.
  • There is now a small delay before you can receive an incoming fight request from the same player after you decline (to prevent spamming).
  • Readded a missing lobby accessory (whoops).

  • Many options on the main menu and in the Pixel Lobby have revised names and hintstripes for better clarity.
    • Known issue: volume settings on the Main Menu currently don't have a % symbol, but they do in the Pixel Lobby.
  • Added unique sounds for Velvet's Shatter A and Shatter C
  • Added dialogue to Oleander's pushblock.