ManeCast Stream #6 - This Friday (7/24/20)


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
ManeCast Stream #6 - This Friday (7/24/20)

In the wake of our new tournament announcement we've decided to do another ManeCast stream... this Friday! For those of you new the community, ManeCast is a podcast-like discussion show hosted by the dev team about the current state of the TFH and what to expect from the future. While we talk, we'll be running around the Pixel Lobby spectating some sets.

We're gonna start with a recap on how development has been since the crunch period leading up to 1.0, then EVO Online, and until now. Next, we'd like to offer our thoughts on the current state of combat balance and bugfixing, since we haven't talked about it in a while. Grand Stampede is right around the corner, so there's plenty to cover there before ending on some dedicated time for questions from the chat.

In attendance will be Mane6 devs Nappy (Design), Aaron (Production), Cam (Community/QA), and Oreo (QA).

Come see ManeCast #6 live on Friday the 24th at 3pm PT on The recording of the stream will be uploaded to our YouTube channel the day after.

We do apologize for the short notice, but we've got some important stuff to talk about so we hope you can make it. See you on stream!