Made a Quick Arizona Tutorial and I Want To Know What Online Scene Is Like. ╹‿╹)


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Recently picked up Them Fighting Herds seriously and still have my ways to go;
Still learning which moves are safe and/or punishable the characters.

Wanted to get down the combos I'm able to do at the moment just in case forget one
I have this vid for reference. Giving it some more thought I decided to fashion it so that
any peep could get the idea of how to play her. ╹‿╹)

Though I have to ask,
How is the Online Scene?

Difficulty Wise:
Assuming it's going to be harder than 'unfair mode';
Would combos like these be enough to hold once own or
should I come up with something stronger? ╹╹)

Personality Wise:
Herd it has voice chat and a thing where you have to T-Bag to taunt...
Hoping for the best and is the toxicity levels high enough to warn
to a person's who hasn't been in yet? ╹‿╹);
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