Holiday Event Ends - Version 1.4.4 (01/05/21)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Holiday Event End - Version 1.4.4 (1/5/21)

The Holiday event of 2020-2021 has come to an end. The Pixel Lobbies have been returned to their normal appearances, and the new seasonal items have been added to the regular shop rotation. In addition, we have some small cosmetic adjustments going out with this patch. Read on:

Pixel Lobby
  • The Trusty Lantern accessory is now a neck slot item (previously face).
  • Fixed some layering issues in Paprika's lobby.
  • Fires now produce a fire sound effect.
  • The sprite for the Ushanka accessory has been moved one pixel to the right for a better fit.
  • A recall has been issued on the MiniCashmere accessory. We've seamlessly replaced it with a truer-to-life model and the bootleg copies have been disposed of. We suspect they were dispensed by an unauthorized Reindeer imposter, who will be found and brought to justice.
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