Holiday Event Begins - Version 1.4.3 (12/21/20)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Holiday Event - Version 1.4.3 (12/21/20)

We're breaking out the Holiday decorations again to celebrate the wintry season! There's a new round of hats to collect, along with some changes to overworld salt chest rewards and a small collection of bugfixes.

Cap'n'Cash will exclusively stock the new December 2020 accessory lineup until the event ends on Tuesday Jan 5th, after which the items will be added to the regular rotation.

For those new to TFH, here's how to claim items from the new catalogue:
  1. Join a Pixel Lobby server. Accessible from the main menu under "Online".
  2. Get salty. Earn salt by exploring the hidden Salt Mines or by fighting other players over salt chests that spawn in the overworld.
  3. Visit Cap'n'Cash's Caps for Cash. Look for the flashing lights! Cap the Winter Sprite and his lovely reindeer assistant Cashmere have a shop set up in the overworld ready to sell you holiday cheer (in exchange for a modest fee of salt).

Now's your chance to nab those new items before they become a part of the regular stock!

This will be our last update in 2020. After this, the development team is taking a rest. Thanks so much to all our players for making 2020 the best year for TFH yet (even with "all that's going on").

At the top of next year we'll be back to work on Shanty and the 2.0 update. So far the changelog is 7 "Google doc" pages long... and growing by the day.

Patch notes for version 1.4.3 are below:

Pixel Lobby
  • Special Note: There is a new font for Pixel Lobby menus. This is a piece of a 2.0 change that will eventually make it out to the rest of the game.
  • The payout formula for salt chests has been reworked. They now award salt based on the amount of damage you caused your opponent, not strictly winning and losing.
    • 900 base (for engaging with a chest at all).
    • +100 for causing any amount of damage during the match.
    • +[0-500] (on a linear scale) based on percentage damage caused, averaged across all rounds played.
  • The spawn interval of salt chests is now less frequent and has a greater variable range.
    • The new interval is every 240s (-/+ 60s), from 120s (-/+ 2s).
  • Salt chests now "rain" into the map when a spawn interval is reached (instead of appearing all at once).
  • Fixed overworld interiors being darkened during the Salt Mines Final Showdown phase.
  • Fixed a typo in the flavor text for the Creepy Rider accessory.
  • Fixed some out-of-bounds exploits on overworld maps.

Story Mode
  • Fixed Arizona's overworld facing getting locked if the Paprika pre-fight cutscene was skipped sometime between when Paprika appears and the Zippy Teleport gag.
  • Fixed a possibility to break the bridge puzzle room in the Temple if only the right pillar is pushed before exiting the room. The puzzle now requires both pillars to be pushed before opening the way forward.

  • Potentially fixed a match desync issue with online matches involving Pom.
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