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"Fancy Blocking Tutorial" doesn't get marked as completed


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
I've completed the the Fancy Blocking tutorial several times as Arizona, but it doesn't get marked as completed. I did get to the little outro section "This completes the advanced section. Go fight some figths etc" and then the menu pops up asking me whether I want to continue or end, but no matter whether I stop or go to the next section, it doesn't recognize this part as completed. I've completed all the others as Ari save the last one and they all got marked properly.


Also I dimly remember two typos: One around the Chip Damage sections, "albeit" misspelled as "albiet", and at some point when Fred explains frame data there is a singular/plural mismatch, "frames ... is" I think it was. Sorry for not being more precise, I accidentally the screencaps. :oops:


Mane6 QA
Feb 2, 2016
Ontario, Canada
These things are mostly known, but good catches regardless! A lot of these typos specifically have been fixed, and will be going out in the 1.0 patch later this month.

The fancy blocking thing has been a stickler for a while, so hopefully we'll get it sorted out as well. Thanks!
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