Early Access Patch #1 (02/24/18)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
EA Patch 1 (2/24/18) is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.


  • Inputs during rolls no longer flip directions on crossup
Oleander :oleander:
  • Updated several attack and movement animations to contain slightly less stick figure action.
Paprika :Paprika:
  • Fixes for minor graphical glitches during hitstun
Pom :Pom:
  • There is now a hard cap on how many puppies can be called up at once, even with infinite magic enabled. You can still do silly and impossible things in training mode, but you should no longer be capable of crashing the game.
  • Puppies no longer turn into cardboard when panicking or getting hit

Bug Fixes and Technical Improvements


  • Fixed several game crashes related to invites.
  • Added an option to disable background characters during fights for additional pugilistic privacy.

AI (Arcade Mode)

  • AI has been rebuilt with stronger "take over the world one beatdown at a time" inhibitions. Difficulty has thus been reset.
    • Default AI difficulty has been set to "Normal" - You can adjust difficulty up or down to fit your taste from the "game settings" menu in options.

Character Select

  • Time Label in Character Select has stopped incorrectly appearing during offline matches.
  • A few cosmetic fixes have been applied

Pixel Lobby Browser

  • Fixed issue in which backer ribbon showed incorrectly in Pixel Lobby Browser.
    • Backers will be receiving DLC codes to re-enable backer ribbon and backer Palettes (Tennis shoe) in the near future.
  • Certified Community-run Lobbies now show in green in Pixel Lobby browser.
    • Many thanks to the community for hosting pixel lobbies for everyone's enjoyement!

Pixel Lobby

  • Processing invite requests while in pixel lobby should now work correctly. Knock on wood.
    • Pixel lobby invites have been taught proper manners and will no longer yank you out of matches

Combo Training

  • "Stop Watching" no longer closes the pause menu.
  • Better motion display is now a thing that exists.

Known Issues

  • There might be some minor artifacting present on some Main Menu Textures for some players. This will be corrected in the next hotpatch.
  • Texture Overlays disappear to show the main menu underneath while creating a vanilla lobby. Proper behavior resumes once lobby has been created. We're investigating.
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