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Zadok's art and fanfic stuffs

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Zadok, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Zadok

    Zadok Planeswalker of Søvengård

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    Think it's about time I post some of my art stuff.

    And to kick things off let me introduce you to the Prince the of the Forest Nation(aka my OC)!


    Full name: Barque Evurwud (bark everwood)
    Nickname(s): Barky, Deery, Windy
    Gender: Male
    Species: Washington Whitetail Deer
    Age: Mid Twenties (Human Equivalent)

    Likes: Going really fast, Seeing new sights/things, Making friends, Strawberries, Hugging and snuggling

    Dislikes: Seeing others suffer, Being unable to do anything, Loud noises, Being taken as a fool

    The Deerfolk of Rein of The Tundra nation may have their pampering Ice Sprites and the golden oats that gives the Deerfolk their magic and strength, the Deerfolk of Colum (Cah-lum) of The Forest Nation have the natural resources of the woods and the natural swiftness of the wind. While the Colum Deerfolk are considered to be tougher then Rein Deerfolk, they are still somewhat fragile, and they often rely on cunning tactics to win a fight.

    Thanks to his mother's training, Barque is considered to be one of the most fastest and agile deer of The Forest nation. He is capable of running astonishing speeds(One could say he "runs like the wind."), and is very acrobatic.

    Barque, the Star Child as called by the majority of the Deerfolk due to the "Star" on his back, doesn't care if he becomes the Key Keeper or even considered The Forest nation's champion, he merely wishes to keep his home, family, friends and Fœnum, safe. At the same time, he secretly wishes to see and interact with the rest of the world of Fœnum.

    Personality traits:
    Polite-Born and raised in royalty, he was taught how to be well-mannered ie Please, thank you.

    Knowledgeable/Clever-While along side being trained physically, Barque was taught various things about the world of Fœnum ie History, Culture. And thanks to his father's and mother's teachings, Barque knows several tricks on how to outwit his opponents.

    Noble/Loyal-While he doesn't care about being the "destined leader" or the Key Keeper of his nation, he does care for his people, the land of Fœnum and his close friends. He'd be willing to stand with his friends, even if it means getting in trouble with them.

    Shy-He's particularly shy around females... Especially ones he develops crushes on.

    Naive-Streetwise at most, Barque the elders hardly let him interact with the public. Nor have they let him leave the Forest Nation to experience the different cultures, lands and environments of Fœnum.

    Depression-After his father died in an accident, Barque fell into a state into depression... The Elder's continuous reminder that "it's his destiny to lead his people" and the such doesn't help.

    Resentment-Will be revealed later...

    -Has a sweet tooth, especially things that have strawberries in it.
    -Due to only hearing stories and news from merchants, travelers and visitors, Barque has little knowledge of the rest of Fœnum world. Thus, he is eager to leave the forest to explore Fœnum.

    On the top left, I decided to have Barque do what most deer would do... Frolic.

    On the lower left, I guess you can say this is the first time he's encountered Paprika the Alpaca. He doesn't know what to make of this strange Alpaca who decided to be so affectionate.

    In the middle, just a bit of a default pose. And beside that, just him munching on some sweets.

    On the top right, just him being acrobatic... I guess.[​IMG]

    And finally on the bottom right... Oh deer. [​IMG] Seem's like [​IMG] Them's Fightin' Herds OC Selena the Bighorn Sheep is snuggling Barque.

    Please bear in mind I'm likely to make edits to Barque, and other characters, as more of the lore/history of Fœnum, and the rest of the TFH cast, is revealed.

    As for the fics, I was considering making them oneshots (if that's what they're called) of moments in Barque's life/travels/meeting other characters/OCs.

    Until then!