You Laugh, You Win (or YLYL)

Shadow of Death

Grushdeva Du Kalt Misht
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Feb 3, 2016
Well, I was re-watching a video that never fails to make me laugh when I re-watch it and figured I'd share it with everyone else.

So use this thread to share things you think would make someone laugh. No need to make a challenge out of it (though you can if you want), since it's nice just to find something funny, isn't it? Doesn't have to be videos either. GIFs, Captions, whatever.

Anyway, on with the video that inspired this thread!



Fear; The Shadow of Death
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Apr 18, 2017
I always find the old Super Best Friends Play videos top tier, along with all of 2Snacks' stuff. Beyond that most of the TeamFourStar's stuff is still funny; especially the Helsing and DBZ stuff. And for my JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fix AntfishTAS has great JoJo abridged videos for the original 90's Anime.