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Wild Mass Guessing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valsion, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Valsion

    Valsion Well-Known Member

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    Since theorizing and speculating is fun, I'd thought I open up a general thread for all your headcanons, theories and predictions. Here's something to start with:

    Dark magic used to be common:
    One theory of mine regarding Fred is that he was once sort of a teacher for dark arts among unicorns in general. All the spells he taught Oleander would have been very useful back in the days when predators roamed free. However, after they were locked up the dark arts were less useful and no longer had something even scarier to counter, making them fall out of favor. Unicorns turned towards light magic exclusively, leaving Fred and the Unicornomicon behind. A possible motivation for Fred to help Oleander could be trying to revive interest in dark magic by giving other unicorns a role model, a great hero of the dark arts.

    Tianhuos first opponent:
    This one is more for fun. After her run in with Honored Mother and Honored Father, Tianhuo is determined to be better than her past, bullying self. This is reflected by her ingame quotes up to now, which feature little trash talking and even contains some praise and encouraging words for her opponent. So she is resolved to treat each of her opponents with the utmost respect and take them serious as warriors. My prediction is, this resolve will be tested in her story mode by having her go up against Pom or Paprika first. In the latter case she may even think there is some sort of "drunken master" deal going on, where she just pretends to be so kooky to throw off her opponents.