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Who you want to main; who you probably will


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Feb 7, 2016
Goat is female. About all the information about it is that, and that she'll walk up walls and ceilings apparently. Which doesn't SOUND straightforward, but maybe won't be too hard to use
Well, when I say "straightforward" what I mean is mostly in the department of not relying solely on a gimmick. Like Pom being a puppet character. Plenty of people are great at puppet characters, but I'm not one of them.
To me, the walking-on-walls bit sounds like it's an option more than a gimmick right now. Unless the character has a large amount of moves that can only be used whilst stuck to a wall or the ceiling, this sounds fine by me. Compare this to Pom, who can likely get along fine without the use of her puppet mechanic, but you'll be locking yourself out of a bunch of options just on virtue of not using them.
I'm admittedly slightly sad that Goat is female, but that's ultimately not an issue. Won't stop me from playing her if she's got stuff I'm willing to practice to make use of.