Velvet Statuette - Production Completed


He Who Manages
Mane6 Developer
May 30, 2017
Rockville, MD - USA
Velvet Statuette - Production Completed

Dear Velvet Worshipper,

After nearly 1 year since preorders opened, production of our first printing of Velvet statuettes has been completed.

I'd like to express my deepest apologies for the length of time people have had to wait since the preorder opened. This was a new experience for us and we learned a lot. Thank you very much for your patience.


The statuettes are boxed up and ready to ship out, but there's one more mountain ahead: getting them out of Shenzhen and into the US for fulfillment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is significantly driving up the cost and time of freight shipping, on top of it being the holiday season. The quotes we're getting so far are in the tens of thousands of dollars; well beyond what's reasonable.

We're searching for a solution to get the Velvet army out to customers in time for Christmas, but there's a chance we'll have to wait until after the holidays for prices to drop. We'll make an announcement when we know what the plan is.

Only 60 statuettes (out of 600) are yet-to-be-claimed before the online inventory is depleted. If you'd like to purchase one, head over to Them's Fightin' Herds : Mane6 | Official Them's Fightin' Herds : Mane6 Merchandise. If there's still demand when supplies run out, we'll consider doing another print when we secure a faster production process.

We'd like to express our appreciation for everyone who invited a Velvet into their home by including a bonus limited-edition Winter Sprite pin with every order in this first printing.


For questions about products, please email To check the status of your order or to update shipping preferences, please email

We'll have more news for you soon. Wishing everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving!

Aaron Stavely

President, Mane6