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May 19, 2019

Found this game via . First time I watched it, I cried from the laughs. It's like the Little Pony FG. The guys, who were playing there, explained me about what they were and who they were. So I got this game via Steam. lmao
I love its art, its comedy (Can't believe what Oleander called Velvet. "Miss Pessy Permafrost Princess".:olliesmile:), and its gameplay. And this game's engine is borrowed from Lab Zero (?), so I recognized the gameplay from Skullgirls, when I tried the tutorials.

I realized that you guys are still working on this game, so I thought of reporting some stuff.

• Location of Bug: Tutorials

• Description:

1) The attached file is from Tianhuo's (what a cutie of a dragon she is) Super Secret Combo Enhancers about the Reset. As you have noticed, this is missing a command, because it was left as a code. I had to do a demo to understand what was going on.

2) From the Advanced System Mechanics, the "Fancy Blocking" is entirely missing. It was replaced with the Basic blocking.

• Screenshot: Take a look at the attached file.

• Steps to reproduce:

No need to reproduce.

For 1), you gotta go to the Reset tutorial to check this out. For 2), you gotta go check the whole "Fancy Blocking".

• Reproduction rate:


Dxdiag: Attached file


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