Upcoming streams: Sunday Stompin' and Level 3 Super preview!!


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Hello, and happy Wednesday. Here's an announcement regarding two upcoming Mane6 streams, plus a status update on Level 3 supers.

Stream Schedule:
Sunday Stompin' #4 - Red Witch (Oleander) vs Dem (Tianhuo) - Sunday Nov 24, 3p PT
ManeCast #4 - Level 3 Super Preview - Wednesday Nov 27, 3p PT

Join us live on twitch.tv/manesix. If you miss the streams, don't worry, we'll put the recordings up on YouTube later on.

Level 3s are entering their final phases of development. In fact, we'll have a debut, not-ready-for-public-release-yet version of all level 3s available for play onsite at NEC next weekend. Following that, they will still need more time in QA to ensure we're in a good spot (polish and balance-wise) to release publicly at a later, as-of-now-unspecified date. More details during the ManeCast stream next Wednesday.

We're certainly looking forward to the reveal after all our hard work on this. Hope to see you on stream.