Unable to type into pixel lobby chat


Jul 2, 2018
• Location of Bug: Pixel Lobby chat

• Description: When I run TFH in winowed screen it uses a resolution of 1280x720, but as my computer is a little bit slow because of its age, the frame rate falls from time to time. TFH run better at a lower resolution of 1024x576, but if I go to the pixel lobby chat I can not type anything on it, but if I return the resolution to where it was, then I can type again.

• Screenshot:

• Steps to reproduce:
When initiating TFH:
1.- go to the "OPTIONS"
2.- then to "VIDEO SETTINGS".
3.- put the windowed resolution to 1024x576 or lower (my recomended settings are 1280x720)
4.- put Windowed in "screen mode"
5.- save the settings and enter into a pixel lobby.
6.- When in the pixel lobby, try to type into the chat.

This just works on the windowed mode, because in full screen mode, it doesn't matter which resolution you are in, they all allows to type into the chat.
In windowed mode, all the resolutions lower than 1280x720 (from 1024x576 to 320x180) doesn't allow to type.

• Reproduction rate: 98% of the times.
(When testing all the resolutions, suddenly it allows me to type in the chat at a resoultion of 1024x576 in windowed mode, but when I lowered the resolution again, it doesn't allwed me to type again in the chat, and when returning to 1024x576 it was working just fine, until I close the game and opened again, the hablity to type in the lobby at 1024x576 was gone)


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