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Tianhuo in-game visuals


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 8, 2016
The game is still in early access, and I know there are still missing effects, however I wanted to bring up that it is odd Tianhuo's character fire does not match her attacks at all visually. Her attacks have really nice looking fire with varying shades and pseudo-bloom, while the character fire (which you see the most) Is just a flat color, the mane not even matching the wings or tail at times (which personally looks terrible and doesn't make any sense). I wanted to ask if the devs have given any information on how Tianhuo's fire will behave in the 1.0 build, and if it will actually look (and glow) like fire, or if it will be similar to what we have currently. Does this bother anyone else who likes playing Tianhuo? I've been interested in her gameplay but the silly looking mane (along with remaining cardboard on other characters) is a very glaring visual reminder that the game is still incomplete (almost a year after its intended release), and keeps me from being able to enjoy her in her current form, which I'm hoping will change sometime in the future.


Argentine fgs player
Feb 5, 2018
Buenos Aires
The problem is that that's the characters art style, having flat colors for the most part. I think adding more effects/bloom to her mane will kinda ruin her art style, specially compared to the others. At least in the nigthly praire, for example, her body is dark while her mane is still the same as daylight so it feels like a fire
As a Tian main I'm actually ok with this design choice

Pom d'or

Gave himself a fake award
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 6, 2016
I remember, back in the workstreams, they were experimenting with a lot of things for Tianhuo's fire and it went through a number of designs.
I agree with Vendi, I think what they ultimately decided on looks great.


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
From a fighting game standpoint, I feel that putting those kinds of dynamic lighting effects on the character model would be really distracting when it comes to seeing where her sprite is and trying to hit her. There are already fire effects on some of her attacks, and combining that with full dynamic lighting on her character model would be overwhelming.

I would totally be down for palletized fire effects though.


Where there is smoke, there is fire!
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Something tells me tailoring the color of her attacks to match all of her palettes would be far too much hassle. Ultimately her attacks are going to match her default skin. The palettes are all just little bonuses.

I think they may still make some slight alternations to how her fire looks (at least now she no longer has pilot lights, and an actual flappy flap animation), but as it stands, she looks great, and so do her attacks and flame effects.
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