Things you hate in games you love


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The entire Alltrades Abbey segment in Dragon Quest VII 3DS, way too much crap to go through for the sake of being able to change vocations.
First, it turns out the high priest in charge of the Abbey has been replaced by a monster.
Then he drains your power, which leaves you with no spells or abilities for the next 4 hours of gameplay
Throw in 4 consecutive hopeless boss fights for good measure
A six fight endurance round in an arena to get back into the Abbey so you can fight the boss
And did I mention that you have no spells or abilities during this?
I ended up having to grind 2 or 3 levels during this part to get past it, and if I didn't have a whip and edged boomerang on my party, I probably would have needed to grind 4 levels, and you don't want to overlevel unless you don't want to be able to level up your vocations.

But hey, I have a Paladin, Sage and Pirate in my party now, so the reward is pretty good.


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Apr 18, 2017
Shining Force- great game overall but there are a limited number of battles and exp is per-character, and based on damage dealt and kills.
Demon's Souls- over complicated weapon upgrade system
Custom Robo- some unlocks are basically impossible to unlock due to multiple things such as more than overly difficult battles, combined with time limit to achieve max rank.
some games in general- the inability to use other peoples saves, redundant achievements, shipping unfinished games, over priced dlc and a lack of ability to buy all dlc at once (persona arena ultimax; there are bundles but what they contain compared to the others is unclear to me), random drops for things that are astedic and or new content (games like TF2).


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Since this thread got revived, I suppose it's okay if I throw yet another addition into the mix. I present the worst character in fiction history:
No, not the cool headmistress, the headmistress from Princess Evangile

I don't approve of you either, you piece of garbage:mad:
This wretched woman is seriously the most infuriating person I've ever seen in fiction, in any medium. Like, we're talking worse than Dolores Umbridge, worse than Sasuke Uchiha, worse than any other despicable character in any work of fiction. I won't list every reason, but let's just say that she gets off scot-free for a number of felonies, along with abusing her daughters and authority, and that's in just one of the four routes.
Good thing the rest of the VN is great, because if it wasn't, this character would represent 35 bucks down the drain.


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Feb 3, 2016
This scene. Just, this scene. While as a whole, I'm of the minority that feels the voice acting in this game is pretty solid being the first Final Fantasy with voice acting (especially compared to other Final Fantasy games)
But I cant help but agree with people when it comes to this scene. It's just so...awkward.

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Feb 8, 2016
Smash Bros WiiU:

The really shoddy online servers. There are a bunch of times when I'm forced to stay in a really laggy match. It bugs me to no end, especially when Namco-Bandai helped on this game, and they normally have games with amazing net codes (examples: Pokken Tournament and Soul Calibur).
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May 19, 2017
I love playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, but the one thing I absolutely hate, is when people make a first turn Shooting Quasar Dragon, like what are you suppose to do about that!? Your gonna need something for it to negate once a turn and then something to get rid of it like a Raigeki, a but then you have to deal with the Shooting Star Dragon it summons, and that can negate a destroying effect once a turn too. Atleast with Link Summoning on the horizon, probably wont be seeing it till way later.