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Thems Tabletop Herds 3rd Anniversary Festival!


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Feb 3, 2016
behind your curtains
Hello everyone! Thems' Tabletop Herds is proud to announce our third annual festival! For those of you who might not know, TTH is a Them's Fightin' Herds fan-made Discord server based on teaching and playing Dungeons and Dragons and D&D-like games (for example Pathfinder). It's our tradition to hold an annual festival to celebrate another year of the community. All are welcome to visit and join us in the festivities! We'll have everything from basics like "How do I Tabletop?" to Tabletop-Based Trivia with prizes! As well as silly events such as D&D Bingo and even some Destiny 2 shenanigans!

And what's a good festival without a theme? This year our theme is: Halloween Party/Masque and Murder Mystery

So come by and feel free to give us a visit! Mark the date: October 25th - 27th beginning at 8pm PST on Friday and running no later than 9pm PST on Sunday.

So if you've ever been curious about what D&D and Tabletop gaming is all about, swing on by and enjoy the festivities. And if you just want to hang out with fellow fans of TFHs, you're more than welcome! See you at the festival!

(We'll post a link closer to the date. If you'd like to swing by earlier and see what our little community is like, there's a link to the forum post and discord server right here)
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