Them's Fightin' French Tournament


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Feb 7, 2018
Hello everyone!

And yeah, as you probably guessed, I'm organizing my first tournament. More precisely, a tournament for french-speaking people (not only people from France).
So, why only french-speaking people? Simply because I don't feel ready yet to organize an international tournament. Maybe one day, I hope.
So the tournament is organized with Challonge and here's the link: Them's Fightin' French Tournament - Challonge
Any level is accepted, so come here if you want to participate. More info about the tournament is on the link.
See you there! ^^

PS: As it is my very first tournament, there might be some unorganization going on. Please let me know after the tournament if there's some points I should improve.
PPS: For the moment there's no start time. I can decide on it if there's some participants.