The Story Of Kate [My Them's Fightin' Herd's OC] Chapter 1 Part 1


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Apr 1, 2018
This is my first post on this site when it comes to making a character and I sincerely hope you enjoy this story and my idea of a character I made for Them's Fightin' Herd's

Name: Kate
Species: Fox
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Brown
Known Traits: Ambitious, Disciplined, and Has Iron Like Determination.


The Story Of

Chapter 1
My mornings everyday were always very interesting. I woke up most of the time to the sound of clashing steel blades and today of course was one of those days. I got up from my floor bed to slide open my window to peak out into the garden. As usual, Samurai's in training having a sparing match. I found it always fascinating to watch as they trained. The art of battle was something that interested me for quite a while. I sat there resting my paws and chin on the window sill, proceeding to watch as this as these training sessions would usually be my morning entertainment. As I watched, the eudes shoji sliding doors to my room slid open.
"Oh, Wonderful. You're up, Kate" Said my father as he peaked into the room.
"Good Morning Father" I humbly greeted him as I turned away from the window to face him as he entered.
"Did you sleep well, My Child?"
"Yes father"
"Glad to hear of such, Kate. Like music to my ears, the sound from such fills me with great joy." he replied with a forming smile upon his face. "Shall we go eat breakfast?"
Stomach growling, I replied. "Yes, Please."
He kneeled down to pick me up and place me on his back to carry me out the door and into the hall. I sat patiently as we made our way through out our home leading to the room where we dine. He sets me down so we may take a seat upon the floor. I proceeded to wait patiently. "How's Mother Today?" I asked. "She's doing well. Much better, in fact." He replied. Mother slid open the doors leading to the kitchen, rolling out a small cart with tray's laid upon them.
"Good morning, sweetie!" My mother happily greeted.

"Good Morning, Mother" I Gave a soft bow of my head to her, respectfully. She took the trays off of the cart one by one and set them down in front of us. The tray's were laid with our food. The meal she had catered to us was a finely prepared assortments of delicious looking food. A bowl of the white's finely cooked rice, a bowl beside it being a nicely made stew with little vegetables inside floating on top, Well made Portions of freshly cooked side dishes, And finally a plate of fish cooked to perfection top with small pieces of herbs and fruit. Food fit for a royalty is what this was. My mother set down chopsticks for us to use. We Respectfully waited for her to finish and to take a seat before eating. As she said we took a moment of silence, putting out paws together bowing to each other for a soft moment. We then pick up out chopsticks and begin to eat. The food was delicious, truly amazing as always. No others cooked as well as my mother.
"So, Kate I've decided to take you to finally see The Great Kitsune Tree." Said My Father.
My eyes lit up as I heard those words and I replied. "You really mean it father?"
"Of course, Dear. I figured it would be the perfect time for me to show you later on today."
I gave a soft bow to him "Thank you so much!" I've always wanted to go there!"
My mother softly reaches over and rubs my head. "We know, Sweetie. Your Father feels you're finally ready" She said. I just smiled at them in such gratitude.

Eventually we finished our breakfast and we cleaned up. "Would you like to go outside and play, Kate?" My father asked. I nodded my head and then he gave me a soft gesture with his right arm to guide me towards the front door our home. As I approached the front doors I placed both my paw on either side and slid the doors wide open. Outside the front doors of my home being a beautiful courtyard filled with roaming inhabitants of my fellow Foxes. "Be careful now, Kate" My father said as I took my first few steps out the doors. as I wandered out through the courtyard I was greeted humbly by many other foxes that were living about their daily commute. Many giving kind waves and gentle bows. But as for my father who calmly trailed behind me. He was mainly greeted with respectful bows. All the other Foxes that we passed by slowly bowing to their knees in respect to him. You see, my Father is a very important being. The most important around to say the least. My Father is the Emperor of our little community, and our community that we live in is a temple known as The Temple Of The Red Kitsune. I proceeded to wander around the first little section of the courtyard, enjoying my self as I wandered about gazing at all the beautiful sights to see around the temple. From the beautifully trimmed bonsai trees kept in the lush gardens, to the calming waters of the near by koi ponds, everything was just so beautiful. The sight of the wonders of this temple always brought joy to me. I wandered further out into the next section of the courtyard to find more beauty in nature that merged with our community. Trees hung over head upon small bridges that went over running little rivers of untouched waters. I walked further down the court, crossing about halfway on one of the bridges. I peaked through the wooden railing to look down upon the surface of the water below to watch the koi swim around. My father catching up to stand behind me and also watched the pond along with me.
"Enjoying the view of the koi, Kate?" He said.
"Yes, father" I replied.
"Would you like me to leave you be while you go play?"
"Do you have other things to do, Father?"
"Hmm...well the only thing I have planned today is to take you to see The Great Kitsune Tree later on. I figured I'd leave you alone to roam about freely to your own will.." Unsure of what to think of, he takes a moment to glance of to the side to think then looks back at me. "...but..tell you what, I shall leave you to play and retrieve you when it's time to take you to the tree."
"Okay, Father" I replied.

With that said, he turned around and headed back. I glanced back down at the koi pond below the bridge for a moment before gazing up at the trees. I watched the birds flying by and even landing on the branches while they sang a gentle morning melody which made me smile. I looked around the area more, finding other some Foxes tending to the trees, plants, and wildlife. I got up to proceed to wander around more of courtyard. As I did, I admired more of the temple, from the simple curvy looks of the roof tops of every house, to the complexity of the temples "Mazey" like appearance. I didn't really do much other than explore the temple and admire the scenery but I still had fun doing so. As I was walking down a path, I was passing by the arch doorway leading to the training yard where I heard the sudden loud clash of more steel blades. Having my interest peaked already, I decided to enter the training yard to see what was going on. As usual, there were several foxes participating in sword training. These foxes were training to become something great one day, training to earn a great title of a warrior. Not just any warrior, but something greater. These folks were training to become Samurais.