The Magic Series #4 - Tournament Details


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Jan 25, 2016
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The Magic Series #4 - Tournament Details

We've got a special tournament to announce! The Magic Series #4, sponsored by Mane6 (that's us) and hosted by the Fightin' Foenatics, will be on May 30th, 2020!

This tournament is special because we'll be donating merch to Top 8 as well as having several raffles throughout the stream for tournament participants and stream-goers. In addition to the prize pot the Fightin' Foenatics will be distributing, we'll be issuing out the following prizes:

1st: T-shirt and 3 character pins (+ $75)
2nd: T-shirt and 2 character pins (+ $45)
3rd: T-shirt and 1 character pin (+ $20)
4th-8th: 1 character pin (& $10 for 4th place)

3 Verified Tournament Participants: Free character pin.
3 Stream Viewers: TFH game key.

Sign up for the tournament here (but read the rules first!):
The Magic Series 2020 (#4) - Challonge

PLEASE review the rules on the Challonge page before signing up, and have fun!

Here's where it'll be streamed: