The Hu Mann


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Jan 28, 2018
There are rumors in Sivatherian culture of a very strange, and dangerous animal; the Hu Mann. Known for putting Sivas at the brink of extinction, the biped, sentient animal is known for it's abusive ways of killing other creatures. Even stranger, they have been known to kill both the hooved animals of Foenum, and Predators. Descriptions of the beast say that it walks upright, has five hooves on each wrist, a flat face, wears the skin of another animal, and has a hairy head. They capture other creatures and do all sorts of things to them. Rip off their skin, shear their fur, cook their meat, chop off their heads (and hang them on the wall), and kill them to take a "happy" picture.

The Hu Mann is a gruesome, dangerous animal to both the races of Foenum, and to Predators.
If you see one, then follow my advice-

Geneva Mode

Mar 5, 2018
What a load of ridiculous old mare's tales! I happen to know several humans and they're all fantastic; their dexterity in particular is something to behold. I would no longer accept any hoofed creature to groom my woolly coat after having been massaged by a human. You haven't lived until you've been scooped into a human's lap and gently scratched behind the ear with those impeccably nimble digits they have. I honestly have never known another creature to be so good with their hooves. They even talk! I have had multiple fascinating conversations with humans about their technology, which is truly indescribable.

In short, these noble and compassionate creatures deserve our respect and we could learn a lot from them. Such ridiculous scare stories should be relegated to the dustbin of history. Once you're pampered by a human anything else will feel like a step backwards; you critters don't know what you're missing.
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Apr 28, 2021
You three do know that ya’ can’t judge the herd on the actions of a few, right? Those that @Geneva Mode met are most likely a number of the ‘good apples’, as it were, whilst those that the Sivas speak of are most likely samples of the more rotten of the bunch.

Still, I’ve heard rumours... rumours describing an extremely secretive ‘erd of these ‘Heu-Manns’. Haven’t managed to learn much... but I know that they’re like them Champions we have gallivanting about at the mo’; protectors of a sort. From what, or why, I don’t know... but I do know this; their Motto and greatest Oath/Vow to the world:

We Secure. We Contain. We Protect.
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