The HD Update - Version 2.1.0

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
The HD Update - Version 2.1.0

Full HD

  • We have reexported all the artwork in the game to a native resolution of 1920x1080, up from 1280x720. This results in clearer, sharper, smoother visuals across the entire game, even at resolutions beyond 1080p.
  • As part of the upgrade, we've updated the look of many smaller UI elements.

Developer's Notes
When we originally received the Z-Engine, it operated at a native resolution of 1280x720. Moving to 1920x1080 seems close enough that it wouldn't make much of a difference at face value. But when you multiply the numbers together, you'll see that the increase between 720 and 1080 is more than twice as many pixels total!

We stated in Development Update #5 that we expect the resolution upgrade not to affect performance much, but there will be a difference. Players with lower-power computers should continue using the video settings appropriate for their hardware and report any issues they encounter.

We have no plans to include native support for ultra-HD resolutions (like 4K). This should suffice for now!

Video Settings
  • The Video Settings menu now has a Graphics Quality toggle to help players choose the best settings for their computer.
    • Settings: Low (everything off, 2D backgrounds), Medium (Sun Rays, Stage Weather Effects, and World Shadows off), and High (everything on).
  • Individual graphics settings are now labeled "Advanced Settings" and have been reordered for better organization.
  • The "Use Minimal HUD" option has been renamed "High Quality HUD" so that the "on" toggle (which is the highest-quality setting) is the rightmost option.
  • The "GPU Stress" option has been removed and is now a launch parameter:
    • The parameter is -gpuloading N, where N is a number from 0 to 100. It clamps, so any value is safe.
  • Resolution settings now default to fullscreen at 1080.

Steam Rich Presence
  • TFH now supports Steam Rich Presence!

General UI
  • Fixed matchmaking banner not showing up in Training Mode and other places.
  • The post-match screen for online fights now shows how much time remains before a selection is forced.
  • A few lines of text in various button configuration menus have been changed for better clarity.

Pixel Lobby
  • Mods of self-hosted Pixel Lobby servers can now use the /announce command to push server-wide notifications. We've added details to the server hosting guide.
  • In the Pixel Lobby text chat, you can now use the arrow keys to scroll through a really long message you're typing.

  • Fixed an issue causing replays to desync despite version matching.
  • Fixed an issue causing a softlock when pressing Play and Delete on a replay on the same frame.
  • The Replay Browser has received some quality of life improvements:
    • When replays are imported, the cursor now snaps to the top of the list.
    • When deleting a replay, the cursor now remains on the numbered position the deleted replay was on instead of snapping to the top of the list.
    • When returning from a replay back to the browser, the cursor now always snaps to that replay regardless if the replay changed positions in the list. (Previously, the cursor was looking for the numbered position the replay was in. This would cause it to land on the wrong replay if the player returned to a sorted list after importing a replay).

Training Mode
  • There is now an "Infinite Avast!" toggle for Shanty in the Training Options menu. (Sorry it took us so long to get this in).


  • Fixed Arizona's leg looking disjointed from her body in her stand idle animation.
  • Fixed color patches on Arizona's far eye during 3C that made it look like her eye was open.

  • Fixed instances of Wind effects affecting characters during their super.

  • Fixed Fred's 4D not stopping even though Oleander was hit before his fist left the second portal.
  • Fixed a situation where Magic Spark would get hit but instead of being destroyed it would turn invisible and retain its hitbox.
  • Fixed small, miscellaneous model defects in various animations.

  • Fixed counterhit damage bonus for Stampede! extending into subsequent attacks. (argh!)
  • Fixed instances of Big Papa rapidly flip-facing when Pom blocks.

  • Fixed instances of missing bandana stripes on various animations.
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