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"The Glue Factory"? Really Mane6?

Is that word trademarked?

  • yes and/or you are clearly ignorant of the real reason its censored you idiot and blatantlypostingit

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  • no, but its possible these forums do not want the threads to be taken overbythreadscomparingMLP&TFH

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Was on the "Let's Create A Character!" thread, when I suggested a Zebra fighter in reference to the best novel ever:

Ha, can't CENSOR IMAGES, *atleast not systematically plz no censor plz*
But here's what my censored post actually said:

tsk tsk censorship the common denomination of communism.

Discussion: Is Eques ria trademarked or something?

Edit: Fallout: The Glue Factory sounds like an interesting story



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Feb 3, 2016
"Eqe$tri@" is a trademark, but it is not owned by H@$bro. "Eqe$tri@ girls" on other hand is.