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The future of TFH


Well-Known Member
Feb 24, 2018
A bit early as it may be since the game is not fully released and the story not finished yet but what would you like to see for the future of Them's Fightin Herds? From the Book of Lore entries alone I've fallen in love with the characters and the world they live in, so I'd definately be hungry for far more than one game.

One possibility would be to make TFH sequels but I think a comic series or some animated shorts would be an amazing way to show off more about the world, how the ungulates live and what the characters lives are outside of saving the world from predators.

In general I already hope that the people from Mane6 would be interested in doing more with what they created.


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Generally, more characters, one of them being a traditional grappler, hopefully the roster would be expanded to 10-12.

Also, Skullgirls X TFH game where teams consist of a Skullgirls character mounted on a TFH character. I don't even know how mounted combat would work in a 2D fighter, but hey!


Gureato Daze
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 8, 2016
Currently, I'm hoping the game has a long life ahead of it. This is the first (and only) game I ever backed on a crowdfunding site.

Also hoping for a traditional grappler-style character in the future.

I also wouldn't be surprised if we see Skullgirls and TFH do some form of crossover if TFH does well. The games are super closely-knit nowadays.

Super Zat

The Quack Up
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
I hoping that we get another with the same characters game outside the fighting genre.

A cartoon series would also be great to build the worlds lore.

all that later though. for the first year or two just more fighters, more challenges for pixel lobbies and more pixel lobbies in general.
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Well-Known Member
Feb 24, 2018
From what we've seen, there would be enough lore behind it for a series but it would be a bit difficult paying the likes of Tara Strong and Keith Ferguson to do voices for a series. A comic series would be good for a next step though.
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Well-Known Member
Feb 17, 2018
A portable port would be nice, whether it's on the 3DS/Switch or smartphone/tablet.

super hurricane

Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2016
I wouldn't mind reading more Lore chapters if anything. Though perhaps there would be a alliance with someone influential to allow the game to go into console, like visiting the Game Developers Conference later this month or the Indie Games Festival like Kirb is doing with his kickstarter game.
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Pom d'or

Gave himself a fake award
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 6, 2016
I'm a big 3DS fan, it's been my favorite system for a long time now. But... seems like getting TFH's graphics to work at 3DS resolution might be more trouble than it's worth. But what do I know, I'm not a graphics guy.

I don't have a Switch yet, but it does seem like it'd be a great platform for TFH. I have no idea how difficult or time consuming doing that kind of port is, though, so it's just an outsider's opinion.


Professor Bright Spark
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
A Mechanical Giraffe Character who uses It's extend-o neck for grapples and long range attacks.
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