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TFH Offline Elo rankings

Some Person

Pretty Pony Princess
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Santa Clarita, CA
So something I've been wanting to see for a while now is a ranking system for offline TFH results. There's been other ranking systems, but it always has some kind of arbitrary value to it. Recently, however, I found an Elo calculator online, and it's been able to help me figure proper calculations without having to run myself ragged with all of the numbers. So with that in mind, I decided to take the results from all of the offline results thus far, and assess an approximate list of the strength of players who show up to offline events.

Now, because I know that some people will have things to say, I have something to say in return, so please read this before saying anything.


These offline results are in no way a definitive list of who's the best at this game. There have only been thirteen offline events for this game since Early Access Release (with a proper tournament format), so there's no clear way a rankings list would be accurate yet. The point of this list is only to say "These people have gone to offline events, and here's who has stood out thus far." When there are consistent offline events with multiple top players, then we can consider a list like this to be accurate. Until then, please do not consider this list as a foolproof guide to go by. I will create an online rankings list if, and only if, there is enough demand for it. Online has many more events and players, and doing so will require a lot more work, but I will attempt it if enough people would like to see it.

Now, with that being said and done, I have used the results from these following tournaments for this data:
- Combo Breaker 2018
- CEO 2018
- Bronycon 2018
- CEOtaku 2018
- BABScon 2019
- Combo Breaker 2019
- CEO 2019
- Bronycon 2019
- Evo 2019
- CEOtaku 2019
- Youmacon 2019
- SEAPonycon 2019
- NEC 20
- Gamers On the Edge 2018
- QT Tourney #XX

If there are any additional offline tournaments besides the ones listed above, please let me know asap so it can be properly counted. And no, they are not restricted by region. In order for a tournament's rankings to count, they need to meet the following criteria:
- Must have at least eight players.
- Must be in a double elimination bracket.
- The bracket must be completed.
- Cannot be a weekly, it must be during a yearly event.

If you know of an offline tournament that meets this criteria, please let me know by December 22nd.

For the data itself, I wanted to keep it to people that have played at least four matches over the time of offline matches. There's a lot more than the people just on this list, but they haven't got enough results to get a rough ranking established. Also, when we hit 1.0, this list will be reset, as the game will have gone through many changes from the initial release up until 1.0. Additionally, after this list goes public (and for future iterations), any players that attended 2018 events and didn't attend any events in 2019 will be removed for the 2020 list. In essence, if a player does not play at any event during the next calendar year, they will be removed so as to keep the list updated with current players.

I will only be formally listing the top 25 players, whereas the complete list, along with a spreadsheet including placements, will be included as well.

I hope you will all look forward to it.
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Some Person

Pretty Pony Princess
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Santa Clarita, CA
The time has finally come for me to reveal the top 25 offline players up until now! Once again, please check the first post if you have any questions. At the same time, if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to ask, as I want to be as transparent as possible about this.

Going into 2020, I'll be a bit more methodical about events and their value if we have a lot more tournaments happening, and I will make a future post about that. But for now, I will be posting the top 25 in chunks, due to image limits.

For now, because there were a couple players that were just short of making this list, I want to start with the honorable mentions.
Honorable Mentions.png

Some Person

Pretty Pony Princess
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Santa Clarita, CA
And now we will begin the top 25. Congratulations to those who made it, and here's to a very strong showing in 2020!

#25 - #21:
25 Epdtry (FRONT).png
25 Epdtry (BACK).png

24 Meowmix (FRONT).png
24 Meowmix (BACK).png

23 KorenCZII (FRONT).png
23 KorenCZII (BACK).png

22 Mr. Rain (Front).png
22 Mr. Rain (Back).png

21 Robert (FRONT).png
21 Robert (BACK).png