TFH Merch Suggestions


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Dec 25, 2020
TFH is still relatively obscure, but there's still a good market for higher-end collectibles than what's in the Mane 6 shop currently. The fast crowdfunding success for Velvet's statuette proves that. I think if expectations continue to be met, or even outright surpassed, for statuettes of the remaining characters, it may be enough to convince larger toy companies to pick up the TFH license, which could only help TFH itself become something much bigger.

With that in mind, feel free to post any ideas you have for licensed TFH merch, and state your case for why it will be good for companies like The Toy Company, Kaiyodo, Kotobukiya, Figma, SH Figuarts and so on to invest in them.

As it is. the game does have a sizeable cult fanbase worldwide. Mostly bronies who were drawn in by what the game was originally, but also women who just love cartoon animals, and of course normies looking for a fighting game that's both easier to play and more inviting than more mainstream properties. And there are a lot of normies.

But for this particular licensing proposal, it could attract another significant demographic than just those two; fans of anime girls. And who wouldn't want to see the TFH characters reimagined as humans in a new line of Bishoujo statues from Kotobukiya?

Ideally, it would be presented in a similar fashion to these Bishoujos.


Shunya Yamashita had come up with illustrations for each LFE equine standing next to her human counterpart, with which sculptors would base the finished product on. These statues have been so successful that they've already announced three additional characters to come, along with limited editions of some of the previous releases.

Yes, I'm well aware that TFH isn't nearly as big of a property. But when you look at the average price point for these statues, it's clear that they were made specifically with bronies in mind, and not the main target audience for the show. I mean, at $100 a piece, could you imagine parents shelling out that kind of money to buy these for little girls? You can't even play with them. These statues are doing well enough on their own being sold to the smaller adult audience that runs podcasts for discussing the show, and travels across the country to go to conventions.

And like many bronies that are into TFH, I'm sure I wouldn't mind picking up an Oleander standing on a base next to a sexy human version of herself. Maybe even a Velvet or Shanty.