TFH in animated form

Rick Sanchez

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Feb 3, 2016
There was previously a topic about a TFH cartoon series here, and I tried to post in it, but Mane6 got mad at me for posting in an old thread, and told me to start a new one, which I'm doing.

After seeing the awesomeness that is the pony movie in theaters (seriously, if you're an Lawyer Friendly Equines fan, PLEASE go see that movie), I would LOVE to see a TFH movie done in a similar manner. I was thinking that it could be an adventure story where the six encounter and fight each other, before deciding to team up and use their collective fighting abilities to take down the bad guy.


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Feb 3, 2016
Melbourne Fl
I still don't get why Mane6 have you make an entirely new thread when there's is (or was) one already with a discussion.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Them's Fightin Herds television series. As long it doesn't follow the pony route I'll be fine with that. Maybe have it only be 3 episodes long that's loosely tie to the game and follow different set of characters.