TFH and Evo 2021 Online


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Jan 25, 2016
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TFH and Evo 2021 Online

Last week, Evo announced that TFH would be included as one of eight games in their Community Series. This is a very exciting moment for us and we're honored by the inclusion! The event will be integrated into Stampede Tournament Circuit. Here's what you need to know.

Register for TFH at Evo 2021 Online (July 23rd-24th) here.

Official Event #3 (June 26th) is also open for registration here.

Last Chance for Circuit Points
Official Event #4 has been canceled due to its close proximity to Evo, making Evo the last opportunity to earn Circuit Points for Grand Stampede, the final circuit event.

Grand Stampede is an open event and will be seeded according to the total amount of Circuit Points players have earned, in ranking order. It will take place sometime in August (date yet to be determined).

Bonus Circuit Points
Evo is a special community event, so we're tossing in a 50% bonus to Circuit Points! Here's what those numbers will be (the same rules apply otherwise).

PlaceNormal PointsEvo Points (50% Bonus)
Tied for 5th3560
Tied for 7th3560
Tied for 9th1535
Tied for 13th1535

Medals for Top 3
We've been awarding physical medals to the champion of each Official Event, but for Evo the top 3 will each get one of these medals. They look like this!


Prize Structure
Prizing for the Evo event will be determined by Evo. When they're ready to make the details public, we will edit this post to relay that info.

How to Watch
Similarly, the details of how the stream will work are yet to be determined. We'll update this post when we have more for you.

We are very happy with how our first circuit has been going so far and we hope players and spectators have been enjoying the experience too. As always we appreciate your support and can't wait to see the awesome Evo sets.