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TFH 2020 offline rankings

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Feb 3, 2016
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Now that the 2018 - 19 offline rankings have been posted (which can be found here), I figure it's now time to go into how the 2020 rankings will work. Please read this over carefully, as I will refer people back to this post if I am asked something I already have gone over.

- Including Previous Data -

The Elo scores from last season will carry over into this season, with one exception: Anyone who attended an event in 2018, but did not attend anything in 2019 will have their score reset to the beginning number of 1500 (should they attend any events from this day forward). This is to prevent the rankings from potentially becoming stagnant with inactive players who had impressive records. Aside from this, anyone who still is on the rankings will have their score carry on into the next year. On the same note, anyone who doesn't attend an offline event in 2020 will have their score reset at the end of the year, as well.

- Tournament Requirements -

In 2018, there were five tournaments that counted for the rankings. In 2019, we saw that number go up to ten. I would like to believe that this number will continue to rise this year, and as such, I will need to be more particular about what does and doesn't count as much for these rankings. So to begin, the rules from last year for requirements will still carry over:

- The tournament must be double elimination.​
- The tournament must have at least eight entrants.​
- The tournament must have a completed bracket with accurate results.​
- The tournament must be from a yearly event. No weeklies or monthlies.​

To add onto this, I must request that any brackets that are submitted to me be electronic and not paper brackets. Paper brackets can be very confusing if mistakes are made, and with an electronic bracket, all matches will be made clear. Even if someone needs to take the paper bracket matches and then put them onto a website, it would save me a lot of time.

As far as what counts as a ranked tournament and what doesn't, that's something I've been thinking about, as well. I had all events count the same for 2018 - 19, due to the small number of events and small skill pool that would've emerged as a result of picking and choosing. Now, however, I will try the following method for 2020:

- Any tournament at a convention will be worth half the points of a tournament at a FGC regional/major.

On the same note, any tournament at a FGC regional/major will be worth the standard points, but if there are several skilled players in attendance, then the tournament's value will increase by 1.5. Likewise, if a convention's tournament is shown to have plenty of skilled players, or if there are an exceptional amount of entrants (40+), then I will consider the value of the event to use more points.

- Creating Tournaments -

Due to Mane 6 being an indie company, their ability to travel to events and host tournaments is limited. That's why if anyone wants their regional or major to have a tournament for the rankings, they will have to arrange it themselves (if M6 has not already announced plans for the event, that is). It will take some work to get started, but there are plenty of people around who are more than willing to help run a tournament. Running a tournament, or simply just playing the game, can be a great way of bringing in new players who could pass by. If you make a tournament on the spot, I would recommend people use challonge.com, as smash.gg requires an approval process that can take time to go through. If you use another bracket site, or already have approval through smash.gg, then do what feels easiest.

As one final note, I will be including player vs player matchups in the 2020 rankings, so please look forward to that as well.

If you have any additional comments or concerns on topics that I did not address in this post, please feel free to ask me.

Here's to a strong showing for TFH in 2020!
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