Texas Release Date: Dec 19


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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Texas Release Date: Dec 19

Texas the Bull, the first character in the Season 1 Pass, releases on all platforms Dec 19 at 8am PT! Watch the trailer to see him in action.

Texas can be yours with the purchase of a Season 1 Pass ($19.99 USD). He can also be unlocked separately in his own DLC pack ($4.99 USD). Owners of the Deluxe Edition of TFH automatically unlock all Season 1 Pass content without having to do anything extra!

Texas DLC.jpg

Now that the release of Texas is imminent, we have a revised roadmap image for Season 1 Pass production:

Season 1 Pass Roadmap_Texas.jpg

Originally, we had intended to complete both Texas and "Character #9" in 2022, but due to the unique challenges of Texas' development, all the other characters in the Season 1 Pass will now be coming out in 2023. Thankfully, production on "Character #9" is going much, MUCH faster so far. We hope to update you on our progress soon!

On Texas release day, we will be doing a post-patch stream to provide a breakdown of Texas as a character and talk about our process of development. The stream will be on Dec 19 at our usual time of 3pm PT on twitch.tv/mane6dev.

Thanks again for supporting the development of Them's Fightin' Herds. We hope you enjoy Texas when he releases. More announcements to come!