Swipe a card game into TFH's theme!


Mar 31, 2018

OK, the original game is this, I made some change in character cards and their ability to make it simpler, so does the design.
The original one has no words describing their ability to makes players confuse.
I already test with friends, and this version's role is much more easier to understand.

You can download the svg file here and feel free to print it. After all these arts are from our official website. The only concern is you have to find printing office that accept printing customize poker card

About background:
Predators is invading Foenum! You need to collect at least 6 champions to fight them back, but be aware do not get 2 champions with same race together. They will fight so fierce that drag your entire team members into their chaotic battle!

About rules and rule's change parts:
Character cards are white. The effects are simplified or changed, also all effects are written down on each cards. Detail is here.
King card now called Predator card. They are black with numbers, in case you want to use dice to roll (original is flip a card) and have no empty dice to make one.
Colors are almost same as original. Just place 2 set of no-player-use-color card as original's brown cards.