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Stream Today, and Patch News


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Greetings everyone! Our latest update has been out for a weekend, and it sounds like the new Pom palettes are a huge hit. Glad you like them <3

Here's a reminder that we will be going live on Twitch in just two hours to review and discuss the contents of last Thursday's update: Early Access Patch #13.2. Join us at 3pm PT on twitch.tv/manesix. In case you can't make it, no worries, we'll be uploading the archive to YouTube a few days later.

We also have news about the triple pixel lobby update. Last week we estimated that today would be the day, but we still need a little more time in testing. Two days, to be precise.

The new estimate for the release of Paprika's lobby (as well as updates to Velvet's and the return of Arizona's), is Wednesday, May 1. Delays are unfortunate (lawd knows we've got a history) but regardless of what happens we're striving to keep our players informed of the situation.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. See you later today on stream.
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Jul 3, 2018
Guess the new pixel lobbies will wait for another time then? Because I checked the game today, and still nothing.


Hail to the Chief
Mane6 Developer
May 30, 2017
Towson, MD - USA
Unfortunately, it does look like we won't be able to get the updated+new pixel maps out today.

We want to give players a good idea of when to expect updates, but we're a small team and hard deadlines sometimes just... don't work out. We're really, really feeling like it will be ready within the next few days. It's a huge chunk of content, and at this point we're just testing the bejesus out of it.

Once you get to see these maps, you'll understand why we've had to push back our release dates. It'll be worth the wait.


Jul 3, 2018
Once you get to see these maps, you'll understand why we've had to push back our release dates. It'll be worth the wait.
If Paprika, Arizona, and Velvet's stages are all that much trouble, I can imagine how much work will be put for Tianhuo's, Pom's, and even Oleander's stage. Not to mention the goat DLC character.