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Strangest Final Boss

Galaxy Heart

Caffeine-Based Life Form
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Down the ne'er-do-well.
There are very few final bosses that stick out to me, but this one...

Long story short, you're a guy having brain surgery and you fight off nightmarish hallucinations in a dream version of the hospital you're currently in. The final boss is the doctor that's currently performing brain surgery on you.
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Laurel Crown

Leader of the Proud Nation of Velvetia
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Feb 3, 2016
Speaking of Neo Exdeath, how about this cheap copy from FFIV The After Years?


Silver Rain

Crowdfund Backer
Crowdfund Backer
Feb 8, 2016
The final boss in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, because it's fought simply because of circumstance, as it breaks out of a holding crate after it crashes to the ground due to a helicopter carrying it, and there's no real story surrounding the boss other than you simply have to fight it to get out of the city.

The boss name is Nyx, and it just looks like a mass of organic stuff, it's just a mess to look at.