Story Tracks Added to "Best Of" Album, Complete Recordings to Follow


The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
The new music that debuted with Chapter 1 of Story Mode has now been added to the "Best Of" soundtrack album on Steam, Bandcamp, and Backerkit (for backers who donated at a high enough tier to qualify for the digital soundtrack reward).

The list of additional tracks is as followed:
  • Ancient Threat (Prologue Theme)
  • Canyon Pass BGM
  • Abandoned Cave BGM
  • Reine City (Story Mode)
  • Foggy Mountaintops
  • Temple of the Ancestors BGM
  • Champion of the Prairie (Arizona Dialogue)
  • Champion of the Tundra (Velvet Dialogue)
  • Champion of the Woodlands (Oleander Dialogue)
  • Slitherin' Scoundrel (Canyon Boss)
  • Menacing Presence (Predator Miniboss)
  • Growing Shadow (Predator Boss)
  • Dark Cataclysm (Oleander Boss)

The "Complete Recordings" album for Story Mode music (that contains all the individual dynamic variations) will be launched tomorrow. It will be an entirely new SKU. Backers who qualify for the "Complete Recordings" reward ($90 or $200+ crowdfund contributions) will receive a Bandcamp download code through Backerkit when it becomes available. We will make a separate announcement for it.

As for Spotify, we are now beginning the process of reinstating the "Best Of" album with all the new tracks. No ETA on it quite yet.

We're also gonna look at updating things on iTunes, but unfortunately we cannot gift tracks to people who have already purchased the base album. It's an Apple thing. You will need to purchase the new tracks as a separate album. More information on that as it comes in.

And, quick final note, we fixed a problem with the loop points on all the the Pom stage (standard) variations for the "Complete Recordings" album.

That's all for now. You'll hear from us again tomorrow to announce the launch of the Story Mode "Complete Recordings" album!