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Stage music going silent for one round after a tie


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Feb 3, 2016
Draws are difficult to recreate, so I'm only talking from limited experience. When it happened once I didn't pay much attention to it, but happening twice after both double KOs I had so far might point to some pattern/recurring bug.

First time it happened, it was a tie in the 3rd round. The game followed with a 4th tie-breaking round, but the stage music went completely silent for its duration.

Second time it happened in the 1st round of a match. Both my opponent and I got a win, game proceeded to the final round, music was normal. Our set ended after that game, BUT when I fought another player right after, the music was silent for the first round of our match, then immediately turned back on when round 2 started and remained normal since. Normally I wouldn't make the connection with a draw here, but given situation #1, I figure there just might be one.