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Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Heads up! We just rolled out some improvements to the structure of our soundtrack collections in response to community feebdack. This is all hot on the heels of our recent availability expansion. Details are below.

But first, an announcement that we're changing the way we distribute the "Complete Recordings" collection to backers who earned it as a reward. We're no longer offering a direct download of the files straight from Backerkit for this particular reward. Instead, we're providing codes to redeem the albums from Bandcamp.

Instructions: Retrieve your set of codes from Backerkit, then redeem them here on Bandcamp. In Backerkit, you'll find one code for each of the 8 albums. You don't have to create a Bandcamp account to get these, but it may make managing the downloads easier.

We made this change because of how difficult it was working with Backerkit's restrictive digital download repositories (it was a filesize thing). The "Best Of" album will still continue to be distributed through Backerkit directly, for now.

As for the general quality of life changes we made, here's the rundown:

"New" track: BREAK BONE (Arcade Boss Theme)
  • This track was previously absent from all collections despite being in the game since Early Access release. It is now a part of both the "Best Of" and the "Complete Recordings" collections.

On the "Best Of":
  • Expanded track names for all pixel lobby themes:
    • Pummelin' Plains (Arizona's Lobby)
    • Reine City (Velvet's Lobby)
    • A Dreary Place (Paprika's Lobby)
  • Added "Break Bone" as track 17 (pushed forward everything after it by 1).

On all "Complete Recordings" packs:
  • Updated album art to make it easier to tell them apart.

On "Complete Recordings" stage packs:
  • Reordered tracks according to this priority:
    • Default > Standard (All characters) > Final Round (All characters) > Idle
    • Regular and looping versions of the same track are next to each other.

On the "Complete Recordings" Character Select pack:
  • Renamed the title of the album from "Character Select/Training Stage" to "Character Select/Menus/Misc Stages".
  • Reordered the "regular" character select theme to track #1.
  • Added title and menu themes (the same as they are on the "Best Of").
  • Added "Break Bone" theme (with bonus looping variant) .

All of these changes are up on Backerkit, Steam, and Bandcamp. Sadly, iTunes and Spotify are still stalled. We'll keep you all posted on that situation as it develops.


- M6
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