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Jun 25, 2016
Being a robot is a somewhat lonelier undertaking than first anticipated.

One minute you're in the professor's lab like any other day, and then suddenly, *boom*, you wake up in the middle of nowhere. Typical professor, probably forgot to turn off his coffee again and... huh, you have the weirdest feeling that you might not even know any professors at all. Well, you must have been made by someone, and chances are it was some kind of professor like they have in the movies, right? Y'know, the old and forgetful type with a heart of gold. Sorta like Doc Brown from back to the future. Professors aside though, you're sure you must have SOME kind of home to go to, yeah? Otherwise, like, what's even the point? A robot made for no purpose, dumped out in the middle of nowhere... That's just silly! Robots are built to fulfill a specific purpose, and that's like, our entire thing! It would be absurd to even IMPLY that even I don't have a purpose in life.

Well, standing is nice for now I guess.


Inspired by early MSPAdventures like Problem Sleuth and Jailbreak, this is an experiment with interactive storytelling! How to play is simple:
1) Give commands to the robo in the form of command line prompts, such as:
>"Do a flip"
>"Go Explore the ocean"
or even
>"Stick your servos in your mouth while bouncing up and down and singing every part of bohemian rhapsody at once, you mindless mechanical monkey!" Which, by the way, is a really mean thing to say to a robot. Why would you even go there. Like, way to go jackass, you made him cry. Hope you can sleep well knowing you're a monster.
2) Attempt to further the story, or just mess around
3) That's about it really. Just have fun, obey the forum rules, and I'll update as frequently as I can handle.


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Feb 3, 2016
Your soup
>Drink a cup of coffee to wake up and get those gears turning.
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Apr 28, 2021
>Perform a quick bout of 'Percussive Maintenance' (Read: Smack your head/Processing Unit Container a couple times), then try to figure out just where you are (and hopefully orient yourself). You can go all Existential Crisis after you get back to the professor's lab. For all you know, this could just be some bizarre form of test of your capabilities.