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Read This Before Posting Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by beta, Feb 22, 2018.

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  1. beta

    beta Mane6 Dev
    Staff Member Mane6 Developer

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    Hello everyone! Just dropping in a quick template for a good way to report bugs that will help us fix them as quickly as possible. Just copy/paste this template and fill in the blanks please.

    How To Report Bugs:

    • Location of Bug: [ ie: visual pixel lobby, vanilla lobby, training mode, options menu ]

    • Description: [Crash? Lockup? Just a weird visual glitch? How does the bug behave? What is it keeping you from doing?]

    • Screenshot: [ any screenshots you can take. Those help immensely in figuring out what's wrong. Attach them to the post or paste them. ]

    • Steps to reproduce
    1. Just a simple list
    2. in a numbered format
    3. for how to recreate the bug you're describing.

    • Reproduction rate: [ ie: how often does this bug happen? Reliably? 10% of the time? Once in a blue moon? ]

    • System specs / DxDiag:
    • Knowing your system specs can help us know how to reproduce an issue.
    • Hit your windows [​IMG] key on your keybard or go to start menu and type DxDiag.
    • Open the program. It might ask you about "checking for signed drivers" -- you do not need to do this.
    • Find the button on the lower right saying "Save All Information"
    • Take the file that was saved (should be DxDiag.txt) and upload it to this forum as an attachment.

    Bug Reporting Template (Copy + Paste this)

    • Location of Bug:

    • Description:

    • Screenshot:

    • Steps to reproduce

    • Reproduction rate:

    Dont forget to upload your DxDiag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.