Quit to Desktop And Chat glitch

Salty Beef

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Okay so I don't think this first thing is a Bug, it just hasn't come to your attention yet I guess. So I have Two monitors, one of them is a drawing tablet but still, I like to use it as a secondary screen, especially while using Discord, so i can check out the chat and other stuff on it while playing games. But on TFH, every time I click on my other screen, the game.. I guess switch's to Desktop, it doesn't literally quit the game though.
but it is quite annoying since I just wanna type on Discord while playing.

I'm pretty sure this next thing is a bug. Yesterday I was playing in a Pixel Lobby, and was using the in game chat. And at one point allot of people were talking at the same time, no big deal, I can just scroll up the chat to look at the older message's. Well, after I scrolled up I could not scroll down. So I couldn't see any new chat stuff. I quickly quit and rejoined the Lobby, and it fixed the problem.

That is all, Thank you.

- The Saltiest of Beef's :aricool:
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